Wellness Detox Paddleboarding

Why join a Health, Wellbeing and Paddleboarding Detox Retreat

Believe in yourself

Whatever we lose (Like you or a me), It’s always ourselves we find in the sea …

E.E Cummings



This wonderful photo shows the mesmorising view from Doolin, on the west coast of Ireland, looking out towards the Aran Isles

We sat and watched for hours as waves the size of small houses rolled in and crashed onto the rocky shores and cliffs.

Blue Mind

There is strong scientific evidence, supporting the benefits of health and wellbeing in a natural, peaceful environment.

Water being part of this whole system, has a restorative effect on the mind and ultimately body. Being around a water environment helps to induce a positive mind/mood and helps to reduce stress.

Dr Wallace J Nichols has developed a concept called “Blue Mind“. It’s the term used to describe the mildly meditative state we fall into when we are near or in water.

Time to let go

That ability to step onto the water, and think of nothing but the here and now, is so important and something that we do on a daily basis as we teach or enjoy the sea for ourselves, but how important is this for you.

Your daily lives way heavy in some way or another and it is so important to let go and find a way to release that pressure.  The Blue Mind shows how, just being around water helps with this process and it is not magic, it is inbuilt in us all.

Our Wellness Detox

We’re continually developing our Wellness SUP Detox and Retreats and each session sees us reimagining new ideas to better what we can deliver for you.

The ultimate goal is to let you have a tech-free, stress-free time with us, so with the addition of water, the ingredients are in place to deliver a perfect experience.

“At the Heart is Water”

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