Good paddling technique is super important

I’m a big believer that everyone needs to develop good paddling technique from the outset.   

There’s so many benefits to it including:

  • Enjoyment and self belief
  • Muscle memory
  • Focus
  • Performance
  • Reduced injury
  • Progression

Let’s see how good technique really helps

From the first minute you step onto a paddleboard, we need to help you to form movements and patterns so you can progress quickly, become more confident and get stronger, which ultimately makes you safer.


Having a solid method of standing and dropping back down is so important as it prepares you to cope with moving and choppier water.  Our method involves using your paddle more effectively.

Using your body

Your arms are small and will tire really quickly so we need to get you using your core as the main engine.  This comes from developing a frame with your arms and the paddle that is strong, yet flexible.


Everybody is different and some people naturally find it easier. With that said, there are ways to start someone off and being to learn to gain confidence and calm when standing.

Overall technique

  1. Efficiency: Even as a total beginner, you’ll find that building a decent technique will make you more efficient.
  2. Safety: When we develop paddlers, we don’t just make you faster. We work on developing a frame that gives you stability, which means you will be safer on the board and in varying conditions.
  3. Injury Prevention: Using a better paddling technique reduces the strain on your muscles and joints. It is not uncommon for people to hurt the rotator cuff and other similar muscles, s working on a decent technique will help to prevent this.
  4. Speed and Performance: It’s undeniable that a good technique will help you to see performance gains in both speed and endurance.
  5. Enjoyment: If you can paddle with better technique, you’ll be able to travel further and more smoothly. I’ve never seen anyone not enjoy this.

In summary, investing time in learning and practicing good paddling technique when starting out with paddleboarding is essential for efficiency, safety, injury prevention, performance, enjoyment, skill progression, and equipment longevity.   If you would like to find out more about our paddle board lessons and the training we offer, just click the link.,


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