RYA Qualified Instructors

Why do we see it as important to have RYA Qualified Instructors?

Since I was 16, I have been in one way or another, a member of or qualified instructor under the RYA, Royal Yachting Association.

As a young boy I trained and then taught at Mercers Park Watersports Centre, back when windsurfing was the goto watersports around the world. Paddleboarding and wing foiling hadn’t been thought of so the sport of windsurfing and delivering windsurfing lessons was the biggest it has ever been, and the RYA ran the only qualifications  for both instructors and sailors alike.

When I decided to head off to warmer waters, the experience and RYA qualifications that I had gained played a big part in my taking on employment and furthering my windsurfing around the world, so it made sense to carry them on and grow within the Royal Yachting Association.

How has this lead me to decide on the RYA as the organisation for my school

As a school owner, it is important for me to know that any instructor I employ is going to be able to deliver a safe and quality level of lesson be it for Wing foiling or Windsurfing. This guarantees that all instruction given covers the right topics and leaves the new windsurfers or wingers with the right ideas and new skills.

First and foremost they are keen

All of the instructors we’ve had over the years have been keen sailors themselves and this has meant they’ve had a good understanding of the sports as a whole and not just teaching out of a book.   Being aware of the right windsurfing equipment to having a good enough level that they can see what makes for a good standard of basic windsurfing skills or wing foiling also plays a big part of our own requirements.

Stanardised training

The RYA is a globally recognised sailing organisation for yacthing, windsurfing and wing foiling.  The certification process ensures that the instructors have to have a certain level of skills and ability to deliver instruction to a good level.

That said, we also give further training to any instructors we bring on board so they keep developing their teaching skills and ideas.

Safety First

Windsurfing and Wing foiling can be risky sports, so need to know that any instructor delivering a course is doing so in a safe way. This goes from being smart on the water, to being able to manage a rescue boat, be weather aware, risk aware and have the necessary first aid skills.

Comprehensive Training Outline

The RYA provides a detailed and well structured outline for instructors and we welcome this  into our own school.

The courses can take both windsurfing and wing foiling instructors into the realms of teaching both beginner to advanced sailors, along with custom courses that would deal with specific moves or styles of sailing.

Having a structured approach helps to deliver a session with solid foundations and a pathway to moving forward in a safe and progressive manner.

Enhanced Learning Experience

The RYA takes all levels of sailor and teaches them the curriculum along with basic method of instruction, but I am very pleased to say that when they join us for a seasion, we help them to better their own skills for delivering content and amazing courses. 

By being a good communicator and aware of your own strengths, anyone can become a good instructor and that is where the RYA qualification really helps.


Whilst we’re not a RYA school, we’re proud to have RYA qualified instructors on the books who we can use confidently. Having great instructors definitely gives us a competitve edge when pursuing those perfect 5 star google and trip advisor reviews.

Professional Development

Any instructor we have working is supported with their own personal develiopment and this is where the RYA can really help. The certification program is easy to follow and gives the instructor a pathway, that both enhances their own coaching skills and ability on the water.  They will be regularly assessed and follow the latest ideas be it on water methods or classroom sessions.

Knowing that your instructors are keen to further their own skills is a good marker when employing people to teach on your behalf as they will be just as keen to improve their own windsurfing and foiling as they are to better yours.

Community and Networking

As an RYA instructor you’ve got access to a strong community and support of a major governing body, who believe in high standards and recognition. They’re well informed and connected on so many levels, helping to further develop and stay informed of new ideas and trends.


Incorporating RYA qualified Wing foiling and Windsurfing instructors into my school has certainly been a value add to my business. I am confident that they will deliver to the very high standard I set for each and every windsurfing lesson and wing foiling lesson as well as making sure all of the sessions are safe and organised.

Whilst we cannot shout that we’re RYA Recognised, I am happy to say that we carry many of the values alongside a strong teaching standard that makes our lessons really stand out.


We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

With over 35 years experience, we are fully insured and certified with: