Private windsurfing lessons

A private windsurfing lesson will give you the very best start to your windsurfing journey.

I know a private windsurfing lesson is more expensive, but the time spent and focus applied on you, the techniques and attention to detail makes a massive difference.  Twinned with the BBTalkin headsets, I can literally tweak you for the whole time, making sure you’re being corrected where necessary and progressing quickly.

So how does a private Lesson work?

We have 2 levels of private windsurf lessons and coaching session, which includes:

  • 1-2-1 Private Lesson – which is just you only. Nobody else can join on your session.
  • Shared Private Lesson – is you and one other. We make sure you’re the same level for obvious reasons and it saves you money.

With private sessions, you’re not reliant on others and waiting for slots to fill so the lesson can run, which means we can make the lessons happen more regularly, when conditions are the best and when you’re free. During the summer months, this could also be into the evening if the tides and wind work. Goto the windsurfing lesson page to find more information.

How do we teach a private session

All of our windsurfing lessons are based on goals. It may be that you’re  a total beginner, or are trying to make a carve gybe or begin wave sailing. Whatever it is you want to achieve we’ll have a chat before going ahead and make sure everyone is on the same page.

The most important thing is to arrive on time and be ready to go so we can maximise the time we have together. This means about 20 minutes before the session start time, which will coincide with tides.

You need to kitted out in wetsuit ready to roll and we can then crack on with the on land meet and greet, then any theory and on land demos.

From there we’ll hit the water together and smash the session with some copycat sailing, constant comms via headsets and drills that will really drive those moves home.

Just check out this video of a private session and his is after just 3 hours. It’s great when you see strong progression with a total beginner. It might be something like learning to speed up the basic tack.

A custom lesson plan

The great thing with private lessons is you can request to cover anything during the session or let us tailor the session based on what we see, when we first sail together. Whatever we end up doing, we’ll make sure you’re progressing and suitably challenged so you can take away homework and new skills to build on.

Hands-On Instruction

The thing I love about sailing with you is I can totally get into your head and almost feel what your feeling on the water, which makes it so much easier to make corrections and adjustments that suit you and the conditions.

Because of the locations we have available to us, close contact sailing is really easy for beginners. We’re tucked away in a corner of Chichester Harbour and in here, we can get protection , whilst having an open expanse of water if we want to use it and sail out a bit further.  What this means is the wind is clean and non-gusty which really helps. During a standard beginner windsurfing lesson we’ll focus on:

Beginner Lessons

  • Equipment: We won’t spend long on this as it is more important to get sailing.
  • Basic Techniques: We have our methods of teaching, some of which can be found in our blog, Can you learn to windsurf in a couple of hours.
  • Safety Protocols: Safety is always a priority topic when doing anything by the water..

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

For the more experienced windsurfer, we’ll work strictly on the things we’ve discussed, but we may also add in some fundamentals that will really help.

  • Advanced Manoeuvers: Mastering techniques such as jibing, tacking, and planing.
  • Wave Riding: Learning to handle more challenging conditions and sailing in waves.
  • Performance Optimization: Fine-tuning your stance, sail control, and board handling to maximize speed and efficiency.

Real-Time Feedback and Video Analysis

Having us on the BBTalkin headsets give you a real time response to things you’re doing. This is so useful when correcting the finer points.  It can also prove useful if we can get some video footage as you’ll be able to look back at bits of your session and see what we’re working with.

Locations and Conditions

All of our beginner coaching sessions happen in Chichester Harbour, usually down near Prinsted. If we have a moer advanced session, we may head out to open water at Bracklesham Bay or even Hayling Island.

Chichester Harbour

The harbour offers superb learning conditions with smooth water, clean winds and many directions covered. We just have to get the tides right.

Bracklesham Bay

The Bay is a superb place depending on the level of sailor and the conditions. We can get decent waves, or just rough chop. It’s all good if you’re up for it.

Hayling Island

With the large bar that extends out of the main beach, we can find some great conditions here, but it does get crowded.

Coming to us from farther afield

We have people coming for lessons from all over the country.  There’s plenty of amazing accommodation, be it B&B, Cottages, Houses to rent, Caravans and Campsites, so no matter how long you plan to come for, you have something to suit. Remember, we’re just 2 hours from London, an hour from Guildford, 4 hours from Norfolk and so on. Just check on the google map to see how long it would take you to get here to enjoy some private windsurfing lessons.


We as that you buy a voucher and from there we’ll sort out dates and times.  This is easier due to conditions and gives both parties flexibility.

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