Family paddle board lessons

It looks like you've come to the right place for some family paddleboarding lessons

Quality family time with your kids on the water

What do we do on a family sup lesson?

It’s more fun if you get the family involved, and our Family paddle board lessons are perfect for just that.

The basic Family paddle board lessons allow up t 4 family members to attend the session, but it is possible to add additional family members if needs be.

Family paddle board lessons are run in a way that lets you take it as fast or slow as you want.

Some families just want to be together on the water having some quality time together, so we set you up, some quick safety instruction, and then you’re away.

We get on the water with you, but your session is yours, and we don’t instruct, we’re just there to keep things safe for you.

Obviously, if you would like instruction we can offer this as well, the choice is yours.

We’ll start with the safety briefing and then take you through, the basics about kit handling on land.

This will let you get a feel for the paddle, how to hold and use it to paddle and turn.

Once we hit the water, we’ll take it easy and do some drills, practising our paddle handling and general board manoeuvring.

Our teaching session takes about an hour, so that is half-time through your session.    From thereon in you have the rest of your session to practise your new sup skills.

stand up paddleboard lesson

Why are our family lessons so much fun

Family paddle board lessons are loads of fun as it is a whole new outdoor space for you and the kids.

For many people we coach, they’re coming from worlds where they don’t do much in the or on the water, so this really is a change for them.

A time to reflect, relax and just enjoy some valuable bonding time with the family.

What's involved with the family lessons

When you book into family paddle board lessons, you’ve got the chance to either have a coaching session or a freeride session.

Both family paddle board lessons start with a safety briefing.  This is a land based slot where we discuss the risks and situations as well as the safety measures we apply to our sessions.

From thereon we either move to a coaching session for the whole family paddle board lesson, or we get on the water and the family enjoys some fun time without the coaching element.

Whichever session you choose to do, we’ll be on the water with you, keeping you safe.