Is 50 too old to start windsurfing

Lots of people come to windsurfing later on in life so is it a problem?

Simple answer is NO – age has no bearing on taking up windsurfing and shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go.

Windsurfing is a sport you can do on many levels. What the means is that you choose what type of sailing you’ll do, be it:

Freeride – this includes everything from the most sedate sailing on flat water to planing on smooth water.

Slalom / racing – this is so much fun and gets pretty serious, but there’s also a more social scene which is great fun.

Speed sailing – is a very specific discipline and not really that popular.

Wave sailing – BOOM. This is my passion and is where you can jump and ride waves.

Wind foiling – light wind sailing with a foil giving you glide in low winds.

Is age just a number

Your fitness is way more important than your age.  Being of average fitness will help as windsurfing can be quite exhausting as you sail for longer.

Lessons for older sailors

The lesson we run are no different no matter what age you are. Obviously it is easier when you’re of average fitness and have good mobility.  You need to be able to climb and off a board if you fall and should be comfortable with swimming unaided and out of your depth.

Taking on new challenges

Who doesn’t like a challenge. If you’re coming to windsurfing at 50, then you’ve got loads of time to learn and improve. If anything it’s another way of staying young as you’re going to be outside and staying active, which is great.


You will absolutely love what windsurfing gives you back. My life has been enriched with so many experiences and things I have seen. So why not give it a try? Grab a board, catch the wind, and experience the joy of windsurfing.


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