Introduction to Windsurfing

Windsurfing is about freedom to be whatever you want to be

I get that sounds a bit voodoo, but it’s how I have felt about windsurfing for over 40 years. It has given me the ability to travel the world, goto amazing places and spend my time living on the edge in conditions that have given me life changing experiences. It’s not just about standing on a board and holding a sail using the wind.

Introduction to Windsurfing with Surfs SUP Watersports

So how did Windsurfing start

Back in the late 60s, Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer, decided to combine what they knew of sailing and surfing. Together they developed a windsurfing board, with the unique feature between the connection between the sail and board, called the universal joint.

As you will see on all modern kit, this gave increased manoeuvrability and control, making windsurfing more dynamic and less static.

During the 70s and 80s, windsurfing exploded onto the scene. Appearing on most beaches around the world, becoming an olympic sport and making superstars on a global stage, it was rocketing to the stars.

Technology, materials and ideas were changing so quickly and nothing was holding it back and the media was sharing the dream and making it real for everyone.

The Basics of Windsurfing

Is windsurfing difficult to learn is  question we often get asked. . You stand on a large surfboard and hold the sail up, which then fills with wind and you get propelled along.  That’s a crude description, but is the easiest way to explain it.

As for kit, there isn’t that much to it really:

  1. The Board:  You get different size boards and different styles to suit level and conditions. A beginner would start on a larger, more stable board that offers better balance and ease of use, whilst someone sailing waves would need a much smaller board.
  2. The Sail: Sails come in different sizes and materials depending on the person using it and the conditions and wind speed.
  3. The Rig: Consisting of a  mast, boom, and sail.
  4. The Fin: Lots of different types of fin, be it shape or size, it acts as the static rudder.

What has windsurfing given me

Windsurfing is more than just a sport. It gives you a lot in return including:

  • Fitness: You get a full body workout, without really knowing it.
  • Mental Health: It’s just amazing being out on the water.
  • Travel: You’ll have even more reason to hit the road and sail at new beaches.
  • Friends: I’ve got loads of mates who windsurf and it’s a great way to push your limits.

Tips for Beginner Windsurfers

Make sure you start with some help to get the best from windsurfing:

  • Get a Lesson: Getting a windsurfing lesson is your Fast Track to success.
  • Flat water: My teaching method  gives you the skills to keep practicing in flat water and you’ll quickly progress.
  • Wetsuit: Get a nice flexible wetsuit that is warm enough. If you’re sailing all year, you’ll need 2 different thicknesses..
  • Practice: Windsurfing is hard and easy at the same time.   Just keep sailing and it comes, but don’t forget we can help with lessons when you need it.
  • Weather: There are so many apps so you use them.  Tides, wind and general weather.

So how can you  get started with Windsurfing

I’ve written a super little article and guide on how to start sailing in around 2 hours. So can you learn to windsurf in a couple of hours.    The simple answer is yes, but for me this has become possible because we have the BBTalkin headset that have really improved how we can communicate with you when on the water.


The “Introduction to Windsurfing” by Ian at Surfs SUP Watersports  is a beginner-friendly guide that covers the basics of windsurfing. It highlights the sport’s history, the necessary equipment, and the health benefits it offers, like improved fitness and mental well-being. The article also stresses the importance of taking lessons with a decent instructor and practicing regularly to get comfortable on the board. This can be private windsurfing lessons for the best and quickest results or small group sessions with friends. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to dive into windsurfing and enjoy its social and physical perks.

Why not have a read of the next article called Basic Windsurfing Skills.


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