Communications when on the water BBTalkin

How do we make our watersports lessons so successful?

Before waterproof headsets came along we would set you up with instructions and demos on the beach, then send you out to put those actions into play on the water.

Whilst we’d be sailing with you, other times you’d have an instructor in a rib, shouting at you to make changes, but this really didn’t work.

BBTalkin has changed all that

The BBTalkin headsets are wireless bluetooth devices that we’ve got attached to hats and helmets. At the start of a windsurfing lesson or wing lesson, we all take a hat and sync the devices, which means we can all talk, no shouting!

So how does this work for us on the water

When we sail together we like to keep close so we can see everything you’re doing. It means we can help you to make immediate adjustments, that will totally change what you’re experiencing and give you much better results, without spending hours wondering if it’s working.

Let’s say you’re on a beginner windsurfing lesson

We’re sailing along together and you’re not going as quick as we are so we’ve got some immediate changes that you need to make. I’d be looking over my shoulder at you and may say something like.

  • Soften your grip on the boom.
  • On the back hand just use two fingers to hold the boom.
  • Don’t put your back hand so far back.
  • Draw your front foot back, just behind the mast base.
  • Lean into your front foot.
  • etc

Teaching from the RIB

Same things goes if we’ve got a group and we need to move about more quickly. Teaching from the RIB allows us to move between each person and offer support and advice, so the BBTalkin lets you chat with us even if we’re not with you.  This really is a game changer for watersports lessons.

There are so many reasons a certain thing may be happening and only when on the water and seeing it in real time can we know exactly what to say to make those changes and give you instant resolve.

Keeping families and groups safe

When you’re on the water as a family or small group, we can keep in touch with everyone, even if the group has disbursed. That gives confidence to everyone as they can say if they’re having trouble or need some help.


We’re huge fans of BBTalkin and we’ve invested a lot of money in having the latest ones as well as different hat options.   They’ve never let us down and we’ll keep on using them to improve our watersports lessons, be it windsurfing lessons, wing sup lessons or wing foiling lessons, downwind lessons or anything else where we need to manage a group on the water.



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