Beginner to Pro paddleboarder in just 3 hours

It took Jane Just 3 Hours to not only stand for the first time, but to add some amazing skills

Would you like to learn how Jane progressed from a beginner to a proficient paddleboarder in just 3 hours with Surfs SUP?

This blog details her journey, showcasing the effectiveness of personalized instruction and focused training.

Key Highlights:

  • Step-by-step progression from beginner to advanced skills
  • Personal insights and experiences
  • Techniques and tips for rapid improvement
  • Video assessment and modular training

Paddleboard Lesson 1

Lessons number 1 and she was straight up and paddling, albeit a bit sticky, but some of that was nerves and a sore back from being a legendary landscaper for some amazing homes around the area.

Lesson 2

At the end of lesson 2, so just 3 hours into paddleboarding from absolutely no experience, I’ve got Jane in a very strong frame and ready to develop her skills further.

Lesson 3

Slow the movements down and start to focus on each part. Clean blade entry, fold, hip drive and clean blade exit are just some of those movements.

So where do we go from here with Jane

She’s on a fast track and really wants to be good before heading out into the harbour.    She’s definitely driven and is keen to keep developing those skills, so I’m happy to help as it is so nice to work on performance and technique and see the results coming so quickly.

If you, or anyone you know wants to develop their skills then send them our website and we’d love to talk about our paddleboard lessons in Chichester and Bracklesham, West Sussex. Private lessons, group sessions, hen parties, performance training, downwind paddling and sup surfing are all on offer, year round.


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