Paddleboarding on the sea for the first time

Paddleboarding on the sea requires new skills and a more dynamic approach?

We’re keen to share your knowledge and skills so you can make a better job of being on the sea, no matter what the conditions dish out.

Paddleboard Lesson 4

Jane has had 3 lesson the local canal from zero water experience and this is where we are now.

Check out the previous videos of here taking those early steps in paddleboarding. She has showed amazing skills for someone going from total zero to hero in just 4 paddleboarding lessons.

I think Jane is my most determined client ever and has really shown what can be achieved if you take proper paddle boarding lessons with someone who understands the ocean, body movement 

Could you be doing the same as Jane

Everyone is different and so the pace with which you learn will be different to Jane.  What’s important is how you start your paddle board lessons journey and that you implement the right movements and key techniques, so that you can progress as quickly as possible.

If or anyone you know is looking to improve your paddling skills or start out, then you need to check us out at Surfs SUP Watersports in Chichester and Bracklesham, West Sussex.   We run Private lessons, group sessions, hen parties, performance training, downwind paddling and sup surfing are all on offer, year round.


We run regular beginner to improver wing sup surfing lessons.

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