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Jimmy Lewis Sponsors the Cornwall Classic SUP Surf CHampionships
Cornwall Classic Surf SUP Championships 2016
Werner sup paddles in stock
Why should you choose Werner SUP paddles?
Eddie Aikau big wave surf event
Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau 2016
when is a surf sup too small
When is a SUP Surf board too small?
Mark Gaul and his sonpaddling out onto Lough Neagh
Mark Gaul Irish Sup and adventurer
Naish Mana SUP review
Naish Mana sup review
Naish Hokua X32 SUP surf board
Naish Hokua 7’10 X32 LE
Transporting stand up paddleboards
Head of teh Dart SUP Race 2016
Head of the Dart SUP Race 2016
Tony Peters backside on the Jimmy Lewis Worldwide
Tony Peter aka TBone – SUP Surfer
jason sawyer sup paddler jimmy lewis team.png
Jason Sawyer – Jimmy Lewis team rider
jimmy lewis m12 downwind sup
Jimmy Lewis Importer, Ian Phillips
Naish Sup Boards
Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control is the best all round sup boards in the world
Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control is a board for everyone, anywhere, anytime
Mistral Vortex and Mistral Equinox sup boards
Mistral Equinox Review 2016
Starboard Pro versus Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun
Starboard Pro versus Jimmy Lewis SUP Surf boards