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Paddle Round the Pier 2014
Paddle Round the Pier 2014 – Brighton Charity Festival
The Jimmy Lewis SUP Factory
Riding Giants – the surf movie
jimmy lewis m12 downwind sup
Downwind paddling for ladies and smaller guys
jimmy lewis cruise control uk
Big guys can be rad
jimmy lewis sup black and blue nose rider uk
What defines a Nose rider SUP Jimmy Lewis Black and Blue SUP
River sup rafting on inflatable mistral isup
Inflatable sup paddleboards
Mistral M1 14' iSUP Race with Steve West
Steve West chooses Mistral inflatable sup isup paddleboards as his travel companion
Loco SUP paddleboards
Loco SUP paddleboards
Mistral Wave Diamond Head 8'6 perfect for UK conditions
Mistral Wave 8’6 Diamond Head perfectly suited to UK conditions
Loco sup 8'4 surf sup
Thinking of a Surf sup
Jimmy Lewis Stiletto 14ft race sup
Hope Cove to Burgh Island and back
Hope Cove to Burgh Island and back
Jimmy Lewis M14, Sic Maui Bullet and Jimmy Lewis Stiletto
Paddleboard widths and how they affect a board.
Paddleboarding on the River Arun
Mobile phone apps for stand up paddleboarding