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Mistral Wave Diamond Head 8'6 perfect for UK conditions
Mistral Wave 8’6 Diamond Head perfectly suited to UK conditions
Loco sup 8'4 surf sup
Thinking of a Surf sup
Jimmy Lewis Stiletto 14ft race sup
Hope Cove to Burgh Island and back
Hope Cove to Burgh Island and back
Jimmy Lewis M14, Sic Maui Bullet and Jimmy Lewis Stiletto
Paddleboard widths and how they affect a board.
Paddleboarding on the River Arun
Mobile phone apps for stand up paddleboarding
Futures fin 9" race sup
Futures Race Fin 9″ SUP
Sussex SUP Club paddle a nice distance with an outgoing tide from Dell Quay to Bracklesham
Dell Quay to Bracklesham SUP Club paddle night
Who is Jimmy Lewis - The legendary board shaper
Who is Jimmy Lewis – the legendary board shaper
Quality family time with your kids on the water
Families enjoy paddleboarding in Sussex
SiC Bullet 12
The SiC Maui Bullet 12
Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun
Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun
Paolo Marconi paddles around Elba Island for Jimmy Lewis Quickblade
Paolo Marconi paddles around the Island of Elba
Getting the power down
Tape measure used for measuring the length of a SUP paddle
SUP paddle length – how to get it right