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UK SUP Clubs race scene
UK SUP Clubs
TBone, Jimmy Lewis team rider for the surf division
Jimmy Lewis Team Rider, Tony Peters aka TBone
Jimmy Lewis Kwad ridden by Tommy Trozera
Jimmy Lewis Kwad ridden by Tommy Trozera
Applying rail tape for a sup
Surf Expo 2015
Lanzarote SUP holiday, tour, surfing
SUP holiday to Lanzarote
RIP Robby Naish
Discovering Mavericks
Discovering Mavericks
SUP in Devon with Jimmy Lewis Stand up paddleboarding
SUP in Devon
jimmy lewis quad or thruster fins
Quad or Thruster setup for sup surfboards?
Lanzarote SUP Surf adventures with Lanzarote Kite and Jimmy Lewis
Irish Surfing Nationals 2014 at Bundoran
SUP in Scotland with Steve Williams
SUP in Scotland
the exe sup race with jason sawyer
The Exe Hammer Paddle – Jason Sawyer
Zac Wharton riding the Jimmy Lewis UBoat 12’6
Pivot turns or buoy turns on an SUP