Why do you need an inflatable stand up paddle board sup

Why do you need an inflatable stand up paddle board isn’t really the question – we should be asking why wouldn’t you have an inflatable sup. Being able to drop in and paddle wherever you can is part of the appeal of stand up paddle boarding that has seen a massive growth due to inflatable […]

Learn to paddle and buy an inflatable stand up paddle board

Inflatable paddleboards or sups as they’re better known have given everyone the chance to take up paddleboarding no matter where they live or what they drive. It’s given sports people, sun lovers and adventurers another outlet to enjoy. You don’t have to be a professional waterperson or even super fit to enjoy stand up paddleboarding […]

I Love SUP inflatable paddleboards

I Love SUP inflatable paddle boards #ilovesupuk are available in the UK from www.surfs-sup.co.uk They’re more like a piece of artwork than a bog standard, lifeless blow up and we’re loving how they feel too. Something you notice very quickly is the quality feel to the boards.  Not flimsy and bendy, but solid and firm […]