I Love SUP inflatable paddleboards

I Love SUP inflatable paddle boards #ilovesupuk are available in the UK from www.surfs-sup.co.uk They’re more like a piece of artwork than a bog standard, lifeless blow up and we’re loving how they feel too. Something you notice very quickly is the quality feel to the boards.  Not flimsy and bendy, but solid and firm […]

Werner Nitro

The Werner Nitro SUP paddle is a perfect partner for waves to race conditions The Werner Nitro handles everything you could imagine doing with ease of use and a perfect balance. Down from the perfectly shaped palm grip, the comfortable shaft and smooth control and power delivery offered by the carbon foam core blade. Each […]

SUP paddle length – how to get it right

Getting your paddle length right makes everything feel so much better so how do you know where to start with measuring out your paddle before cutting. Since starting out in paddling I have probably had over 20 paddles and used them in all manner of disciplines.   They have been cheap aluminium, full carbon, adjustables and […]