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You're here because you have questions... Read our stand up paddleboard guides to get the lowdown now.

Having that knowledge is so important when you’re looking to take up a new sport or advance further. Our stand up paddleboard guides, give you an easy way to gets answers to those burning questions.

How can these guides help beginners?

When you’re on the beginning of your standup paddleboarding journey, there are many new ideas you’re trying to get your head round and even more experts that spring out of nowhere, so where do you start.

As a beginner, you’re going to ask about What Board Should I Buy, What sort of paddle should I get, Do I need a PFD (personal flotation device), Why are there different leashes etc.

We’ve written you some easy to follow guides that will keep it simple and to the point, meaning you don’t get info overload.

A general guide to sups
Choosing a surf sup

What do you need to learn as you progress

Developing your skills is so important as you start to take on new challenges on the water.

You may be looking to start sup surfing, or paddling distances, or even trying downwinding.

As you improve, you’ll need to better your equipment, and that can be confusing to let’s help you break it down.

This sort of guide is useful, as it gives you insight that you can then put against you in your own place within sup.


Learn to paddleboard
Storing and transporting boards
Practicing for a downwinder