stand up paddle boarding guides

I would imagine you’ve come here as you have questions about stand up paddle boarding, the kit you need and all those features that seem to change every year.

The help guides are full of useful info so you will be more informed and able to make a better decision.

A general outline
Buying your first isup
Buyng your first surf sup
Board construction
Kick pads

Stand up paddleboarding guide

Obviously we cannot talk about your specific needs in this Stand up paddleboard guide so if you’re still unsure about what board you need then you’re welcome to get in touch. We’ll try and give you as much intel as possible so you’re not left wondering or more confused about your sup choices.

It’s not so easy, especially if you ‘re new to a particular sport or discipline within that sport.  We get lot’s of calls asking about sup surfing from people who have never surfed before, so we try to be realistic with everyone and make sure you don’t buy into something that is either too advanced for you or won’t suit your home breaks.

We look at people who want to buy a new raceboard and it’s important to understand how they paddle and what skill level they are.   Some people will never benefit from the really narrow boards, so we recommend something around 25, which allows them to cope with varying water states and put the power down, which may not be possible with narrower boards, especially if you’re a bigger person.