Black Project Hydro Flow X

Price: £539.00

The Black Project Hydro Flow X sup paddle is a serious piece of kit with very unique design features

We’ve been using this paddle for a year now and spent time getting to know it, which really paid off.

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Key design features

The Black Project Hydro Flow X has been completely redesigned, using concepts that ave never been considered in a sup paddle before.

When you first check out the blade, your eyes are drawn to the neck, which has this unique spine – Advanced Flow Technology (AFT). The ideas is to significantly increase paddle efficiency in the water by reducing turbulence and blade flutter.

We then added the Deep Power Scoop (DPS) on the blade face.   The Deep Power Scoop, fades out to dihedral edges, delivering  a connected and stable power phase, further enhanced by the Advanced Flow Technology, which is the overall winning feature on this unique paddle.

The 3D desgn of blade and neck was created to increase efficiency of the flow of water, around the paddle, which in turn allows the paddler to apply power, without loss of effort.  There is also an increased rake of 9 degrees, compared to 8 degrees on the original Hydro paddle.


BladeBlade size

Who is the Black Project Hydro Flow X aimed at?

For those who own the original Black Project Hydro Flow paddle, the X is a natural progression.   The shaft and handle will feel much the same, but the blade is where the difference becomes apparent.

If you’re into sup racing, then you should be looking to better your paddle technique over brute force and this paddle really helps to analyse your stroke.   We spent some time working with this paddle as there were many times it confused me, but it came down to some very simply changes in body position and stroke.

Your stroke should be something you focus on and subtly adapt to improve output, without killing yourself, and this paddle really works on that.

Rider level


hydro flowX sup race paddle black project fastest lightest advanced flow technology aft


Due to its design, the Hydro FlowX cannot be made in the same way as other ‘normal’ paddles. True to the Black Project spirit of innovation, we overhauled our construction to achieve the optimal balance, flex and weight ratios.

To reduce overall weight, we reworked our laminate layups with a mix of carbon and Kevlar pre-preg laminates. We also introduced 30-ton carbon – a strong but lightweight carbon that’s 25% lighter than our previous material. The resulting paddle is approximately 4% lighter than an equivalent model of the original Hydro.

Additionally, the Hydro FlowX’s redesigned blade offers massive structural strength. This gave us the dual benefit of being able to optimize the use of carbon in certain areas, while still achieving an overall strength enhancement.

Despite the increase in overall blade volume, the Hydro FlowX is the lightest and strongest paddle we’ve ever made.

The package contains

  • 1 paddle


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The Black Project Hydro Flow X

Level of paddler: designed for total beginner to advanced paddler.

Disciplines: flat water training and fitness, touring and racing at all levels.

Price /Quality ratio: this is an expensive paddle, but there’s a lot going on for someone looking for the very best.

Locations: River – Sea – Lakes