Jimmy Lewis Baby Bomb

Jimmy Lewis Son of Bombora SUP

Length: 10’6

Width: 28

Volume: 135

Construction: I-beam signature



The Jimmy Lewis Son of Bombora is designed for lighter paddlers looking to ride big waves.

Jimmy Lewis Son of Bombora UK

If you are considering buying a gun then it goes without saying that you are a seriously experienced surfer and know what it needs to deliver – “high speed drops and fast bottom turns with total control.”

The Jimmy Lewis Son of Bombora isn’t a board to buy if you are going to surf local spots along the south coast.  Places like Brighton just won’t deliver the size of wave needed to get this board to perform. You really need to be looking at places like Kimmeridge, Devon, Cornwall and further afield to find the serious lumps needed to make this board dance.

The Jimmy Lewis Son of Bombora is a tri fin setup and comes with a textured deckpad for extra grip on the drop.   As you’d expect the board is well balanced, light and built to take a pounding.

How it felt down in Kimmeridge

We managed to score a day that was head high and super clean so paddling out and paddling around was super easy. The board glides really well and getting out to the break is fast if you pick your line.

Paddling into waves was really easy as the board was so quick off the mark.   I found that dropping in already in a prone stance really helped to get back quick and control the tail.  Saying that the board also got a bit squirmy if I went back to far so you need to use the length of the tail to really keep control.

Not once did I get the nose caught and this was part helped by the generous rocker in the tail and nose.

I only rode this board for a couple of sessions but it really was a lot of fun.   Really dug in when the waves got fast  and down the line was max speed.




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