Jobe Ventura 10.6 SUP

Length: 10.6

Width: 32 inches

Thickness: 5 inches

Volume: 190

Weight: 13.5 kg

£969.00 £899.00


Key design features

With a bamboo and blue styling, the Jobe Ventura board looks as good as it feels with some great performance being offer up by the classic longboard shape.

Carrying enough volume to float bigger riders, the Jobe Ventura can be used for sup surfing, cruising and play.  

The wider noses and tail offer stability in a board that has more refined performance compared to an isup.


  • Bamboo laminate with a glass fibre construction
  • Non slip EVA foam deck allows comfortable long term paddling
  • 10ft. | 3,04m traight leash
  • Bungee storage net
  • Easy to hold handle
  • 8″ fin (mount without tools)
  • Board weight: 13kg

Who is the Jobe Yarra aimed at?

The Jobe Ventura 10’6 has a user friendly shape but with the added bonus of offering more performance when needed.

With any hard sup you need a rocker line suited to the task and this varies for each and every shaped board so there’s no one simple line.   With the Jobe Ventura, you get a constant soft rocker line, that helps improve flat water experience, whilst giving manouverability when in small waves.

Jobe Ventura has a classic profile shape with a rounder nose and tail that offers up a level of stability, whilst maintaining a good speed if on the flat.  That said it also makes it really easy and relaxed to enjoy surfing this board in smaller conditions.

For anyone going out in choppier water, they’ll find that the width is a real bonus as it locks the board down to a super stable platform. If you’ve come from a world of inflatable paddle boards you’ll definitely notice the extra connection between water and paddler.

On the deck we have got front bungees that are handy for packing the flip flops under or a small waterproof bag, but if you fancy doing some nose riding this could easily be taken off so you don’t trip over it.

Much like other hard boards, you’ve got thinner rails so you can feel more bite when on a wave, but with a board of 10’6 you really need to move about and learn to adjust your standing position to really get the most from it.

The single fin design on this board is deliberate as you don’t need side biters so a decent tool-less centre fin is provided to give a classic longboard feel.

Keeping the board looking pretty is something else we’ve considered so you get a rail saver, which will stop you bashing the rails up.

Rider level





Once inflated, the Yarra is light and stiff due to our Heat Bonded Technology and new X-Stitching Construction.

The multi layered skin and board thickness guarantees great overall stiffness which improves usability.

To make sure the Yarra is super durable we’ve added an extra layer pvc on the rails and center of the board.

The paddle comes with an adjustable glass fibre shaft and a reinforced plastic blade, with inner seals.

The bag is a waterproof rucksack type that works well as storage both on and off the water and unlike some bags it is easy to roll the board and repackage the board.


The package contains

  • A board that weighs 13kg
  • A 3 year warranty which backs up how good this board is
  • Glass fibre layup with a bamboo laminate on the deck
  • A 3 piece paddle made of fibreglass with a reinforced pvc blade
  • A straight board leash


  • We provide a 1 year warranty on all new products, unless otherwise quoted.
  • Jobe and Sandbanks SUP Packages come with a 3 year extended warranty.
  • This is based on manufacturing defect and not on wear and tear, misuse or improper use of a product.
  • All warranties are handled by us during the first year and direct to manufacturer thereafter.
Jobe Yarra 10'6 Inflatable SUP

The Jobe Yarra Summary

Level of paddler: this board is perfect for total novice to intermediate paddlers, but has a place for any advanced paddler wanting a quality isup in the car.

Disciplines: this is truly an allround isup, and would suit anyone looking for a fun board to grab out the car and just go paddling or something to fit the whole family.  It will work for people trying a small bit of surfing, but as with all isups they don’t really give a true feel of surfing.    It’s too short to race and not really got the glide to do touring.

Price /Quality ratio:  the build quality of these boards is really good and the kit that comes with it is excellent quality. That said, Jobe offer a 3 Year Warranty to back up how they feel about their Yarra isup.

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