Jimmy Lewis Super Frank

Length: 7’6, 8, 8’6 or 7’6, 8, 8’6

Width: 31, 31.5, 32 or 29.5, 30, 30.5

Volume: 121, 131, 141 or 100, 115, 130

Construction: I-beam signature

The Jimmy Lewis Super Frank is a total rethink for Jimmy Lewis. He’s taken a classic and proven shape and then squeezed it into a skater style surf sup.



The Jimmy Lewis Super Frank and Super Frank Lean are taking the lead in skater style surf sups

Jimmy has really stepped up to the plate with this re-think on his classic Canary surf board.   The reason for the board was simple: we wanted skateboard style ride characteristics in a sup that could carry a bit more weight , but didn’t want to lose the high performance found in the Jimmy Lewis SUPs

Bucking trend as always, there is no squared off nose or boxy rails, but he’s managed to give the rider a stable platform  in a much shorter sup with the right amount of volume to keep much bigger guys afloat.


#jimmylewissup #jimmylewissurfsup #surfsup #jimmylewissuperfrank[vc_single_image image=”4369″ img_size=”full”]This is an amazing board so I had to sum it up with a graph full of numbers.  But it really does say it all.

Easy to use, versatile, radical and fun!

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