SIC Maui boards are some of the best in the world for the many disciplines within SUP

The shapes developed by SiC Maui, Mark Raaphorst, @flyingdutchman808 , are exceptional performance machines for surfing, racing and downwinding.

SIC Maui SUP Boards

Paddleboarding is a lifestyle for many, and Sic Maui certainly has its roots buried deep into that vibe.

SiC Maui knows, what boards work and in what conditions, so choosing the right kit for them is all part of the business ethos.

As a beginner, you’ll find boards to suit, whilst those looking for fitness may look to our sup race boards or touring boards and anyone looking for a surf sup board will enjoy the SiC Maui Slice or Tao

We also offer various constructions from the super tough thermo-formed outer skin to the lightest weight composite giving you performance and durability options, with varied pricing as well.

sic maui sup boards

Sic Maui is world famous for its downwind boards, and Mark Raaphorst has spent many many years developing the scene and his boards to work perfectly on the ocean.

The Sic Maui Bullet was the first downwind board we brought into the UK, and it was so special, with a super fast shape, boxy rails and amazing control and top speed.  We absolutely did everything on this board, paddling hundreds of miles over open water and downwind runs.  It is an amazing bit of kit and only equalled by the Infinity Downtown and Jimmy Lewis Rail, both of which we’ve paddled for hundreds of miles in all sorts of conditions.