SUP paddles, designed and built to perform smarter

Designed to excel in all paddling conditions, Black Project standup paddles are lightweight, powerful and efficient while being optimized to protect your body from injury.

Black Project SUP paddles

Black Project have been at the forefront of paddle design since the beginning, and this is born out in the material choices, and innovative concepts and creations that fill the lineup.

The Black Project SUP paddle collection has paddles in the range including the Hydro Flow X, Surge, Lava, Ohana, Grom and School paddle.
The Hydro Flow X is designed for serious paddlers who want the very best performace for racing & touring with reduced fatigue.
The Surge is for those who want to improve their SUP surfing, being more dynamic and aggressive.
The Lava is just a great paddle for all round paddling, crusing, a bit of surfing and just a great time on the water.
The Ohana is a nice, entry price point paddle for the entire family to enjoy.
The Grom is for kids, so it’s smaller dimensions make it perfect for getting them started.
The School, is a buget paddle perfect for schools, rental and hiring out

The Black Project SUP paddle collection has six models each with multiple sizes and options. We aim to ensure that all paddlers of all abilities and budgets can find a paddle suited to their unique needs on the water.





When choosing a paddle , you need to give consideration to many factors, so let us give you a quick heads up,and hopefully it will save you some time.

Step #1 – What type of paddle do I need?
Step #2 – What blade size do I need?
Step #3 – Which shaft is best for me?
Step #4 – Which handle do I need?
Step #5 – How long should my paddle be?