Jimmy Lewis SUP

Jimmy Lewis is legendary in the surfing, windsurfing and kiting scene, so moving into Jimmy Lewis sup boards was inevitable.

The long term relationship with his factory, Kinetic, means the Jimmy Lewis boards are second to none when it comes to build quality, strength and longevity.

His son, Marlon, joined the business and is now shaping some amazing surf boards and foil boards to add to the Jimmy Lewis SUP line. It is cutting edge stuff from a true waterman and performance surfer.

Jimmy Lewis Worldwide SUP UK
Jimmy Lewis Worldwide SUP surf
Jimmy Lewis Baby Bomb sup
Jimmy Lewis Black and Blue Machine SUP
Jimmy Lewis Bombora SUP
Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control SUP
Jimmy Lewis Hanalei SUP surf
Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board
Jimmy Lewis Maestra SUP
Jimmy Lewis Maestro SUP
Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder SUP race board
Jimmy Lewis Son of Bombora SUP
Jimmy Lewis Striker SUP surf board
Jimmy Lewis Stun Gun SUP surf
Jimmy Lewis Super Frank
Jimmy Lewis Supertech SUP surf
Jimmy Lewis The Rail Downwind board

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Jimmy Lewis SUP

Jimmy Lewis SUP boards have been a favourite of our shop riders for many years and we’ve had many happy customers come back for more time and time again.

We first got introduced to Jimmy Lewis SUP and Surfboards back in 2010 and whilst SUP was relatively new here in the UK it was obvious this legendary shaper was making a point.

His many years of experience meant he was simply creating random shapes to meet a need, but was making kit that worked.

The iBeam construction that he developed with the Kinetic factory is probably the strongest and most robust build quality of any board on the market and we’ve tested first hand over the years.

Th Jimmy Lewis SUP board range includes downwind boards, surf sups, race and all rounders.

Jimmy has never compromised on anything and this is where his kit wins.  The quality of fittings leaves us in no doubt that you won’t be let down when surfing big waves, whilst his keen eye on shapes is way beyond.

Boards like the Jimmy Lewis Super Frank and Black and Blue have shown how classic shapes compete and win over many of the radical designs that have come onto the SUP market over the years.

If you’re looking for a premium surf sup or downwind board then the Jimmy Lewis SUP range of boards has got something for you.

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