Touring boards

Infinity Blackfish 2020
Infinity eTicket
Jimmy Lewis Cruise Control SUP
Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board
Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder SUP race board
Jimmy Lewis The Rail Downwind board
Jobe Parana 11.6

Touring boards have become the most sought after stand up paddle boards on the market as they allow the user to take adventures like never before.

With the vast majority of stand up paddle boarding taking place on flat water, most paddlers start out on the 10’6 boards, but very quickly find new opportunities as they develop their paddling skills and fitness.

A touring board like an Infinity eTicket has a longer waterline than a classic all rounder board and with that comes increased glide and speed in a wide range of conditions.

Most touring paddle boards maintain a slightly wider base and squarer tail to help maintain stability, but also to help support the baggage you may tie down for some overnight adventures.

And let’s not forget the longer waterline also helps maintain tracking so you’re going to waste less energy and time.

As more and more people take to the water, they are already aspiring to paddle with friends who have developed their skills and are looking for longer adventures so this is bringing newcomers straight into sup touring.

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