Downwind paddle boards

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Jimmy Lewis Bombora SUP
Jimmy Lewis M14 downwind board
Jimmy Lewis Sidewinder SUP race board
Jimmy Lewis The Rail Downwind board

Downwind paddle boards are designed to glide and ride ocean swells and  wind blown waves on lakes if that’s your environment.

It’s all about the glide and not about who’s got the narrowest board.  Downwind boards needs to be easily handled on the water as you track from one swell to another.

The boards we ride are well suited to the south coast spots we paddle, but have also been proved during our Irish trips when the ocean swells, get huge and deeper than anything we get here.

The boards are all made in a composite construction aside of the O’Shea GTX 13 which is the only isup we’d consider using for an ocean run.

Any downwind board needs to not only have a waterline, but it needs to be steered on the waves and bumps so it’s pretty much said that a hard board wins here with the shaped rails and tail designed to suit the boards purpose.

The length of these boards is important as you’re looking for glide whilst maintaining balance for and aft so being able to maintain speed and motion is only delivered if the board can stay balanced.

The nose shapes vary and that is determined by the hull shape being either a planing (surf board style) or a more displacement hull, more like a yacht.


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