All rounder paddleboards

All rounder paddleboards are the board of choice for beginners and families looking for some fun on the water.

all rounder paddleboards

As most beginners start off on flat water, lakes or rivers, you need stability over glide and the all rounder boards deliver that in spades. It’s a perfect size for anyone looking just to have fun with kids or mucking about with mates.

The all rounder paddleboards like the Jobe Yarra are easily handled by novice paddlers and keep life simple so you’re not going to find the conditions becoming tricky too quickly.

The general plan layout of an all round sup is gives you a wide point for longer and having that wider nose and tail massively increases stability even in chop.

The shorter lengths make them very manoeuvrable  and easily handled on the beach even by smaller adults and kids so this is a big plus for families as it stops the kids dragging the board over rocks.

The downside is the lack of glide with the board being so much shorter, but that’s not what this board is for.

With so many people getting into stand up paddle boarding it’s important that people realise the importance of safety against price.   We only stock the brands we have faith in and that’s important.

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