Second hand paddle board

Our second hand paddle board collection changes every week, and we're always looking for trade-ins.

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starboard sprint 2021 fastest race board 2
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Starboard Sprint 2021

This has been my own training board, purchased as a stop gap whilst I waited for our next Infinity delivery.

It is the wood construction, 14 * 23.5

TBH, this is the fastest board I have used and so stable due to the very high sides and insanely stables as you step back.

Get training hard now with this speed machine!

£1750 – collection only

CALL NOW! – 07521 297280
jimmy lewis superfrank

Jimmy Lewis Super Frank 2021


The Jimmy Lewis Super Frank is 7’6 little ripper. Packing in 115 litres, this little surf sup really works in UK conditions, coping well with mush as well as punchy waves.

You’re gonna love this board if you’re around 85kg or less and love to surf hard.

Can be ridden as quad or tri fin. Rail taped from new.

£1350 – collection only

CALL NOW! – 07521 297280

aqua marina fusion

Aqua Marina iSUPs


We’ve got our school boards up for sale including 5 Aqua Marina Fusion and 5 Aqua Marina Beast boards.

from £300 – collection only

CALL NOW! – 07521 297280

Buying a second hand paddle board

Our collection of second hand paddle board changes every week as trade-ins come and go, so let us know if you’re looking to buy or sell.

Stock moves fast, so if you see something you like, get in touch right now before it’s gone.

It’s not such a bad option, to buy a quality second hand paddle board as long as it is well cared for and not had to hard a life.

  1. Check the age of the board and also clarify that outside of speaking with the seller. Certainly with isups, the older they get, the more chance of problems.
  2. Fully inflate it before buying and do a splash test to check for leaks.
  3. If possible ask for an original purchase receipt in case it is stolen.
  4. Check the pump and make sure it works well.
  5. If the seller is giving you a paddle, look it over and make sure there are no apparent cracks.
  6. If the board is a hard board then look for repaired areas or stickers that may be covering bad repairs.
  7. Most companies only provide a warranty to the original purchaser, so you are buying without any guarantee or warranty.


A stand up paddle board doesn’t come with any manufacturer warranty.

We do our best to assess each board for any defects or repairs and will make all buyers aware of anything we may be aware of, but ultimately it is down to the buyer of a second hand paddle board to assess it themselves.


Whilst buying a second hand paddle board, it  is a good way to go to save a bit of money on new boards, there are risks that you need to consider.

  • There’s no year long warranty on a Used Board.
  • We cannot guarantee that we know what previous life the board had e.g was it part of a school fleet.
  • So based on what you’re saving it may be worth looking at our Aqua Marina boards that are affordable, superb quality and come with a full warranty for peace of mind.

We stock some superb and affordable isups and hard boards.

This way you’re guaranteed a quality product with warranty that will deliver years of service for your hard-earned money.


With a range of new and used hard or inflatable stand up used paddleboards often available we also take trade-ins on new paddleboards so you can walk away with a nice new paddleboard and have money left in your pocket.  Brands including: Jimmy Lewis, I Love SUP, Infinity, SIC, Werner, Quickblade, KeNalu, XM, Starboard, Naish, Fatstick, McConks, Bluefin, Red, 425, Kialoa, O’Shea, STX, Itiwit, Hydro Force, Mellowwave, Quroc, Tiki, Turtle Bay, Hatha boards, Freshwater Bay, Two Bare Feet, Aqua Marina, Aqua Planet, Blue Fin, Wolf Creek, Because SUP

  1. We only offer trade-ins against full price new kit.
  2. One a trade in occurs, we cannot refund the new purchase.
  3. You may get a better price selling privately, but will have to go through finding a buyer and the hassle.