Why do you need an inflatable stand up paddle board sup

Why do you need an inflatable stand up paddle board isn’t really the question – we should be asking why wouldn’t you have an inflatable sup. Being able to drop in and paddle wherever you can is part of the appeal of stand up paddle boarding that has seen a massive growth due to inflatable […]

Downwinder from Portsmouth to Hayling Bridge over Langstone Harbour

Downwind paddling in Langstone Harbour from the end of Ferry Road to Hayling Bridge is great fun when conditions are right and can produce consistent glides most of the way. The map shows the main things to consider on this downwind run.  Tide, wind direction, IN and OUT and emergency landing points. Tide is critical […]

Hayling Island Downwind SUP run in a northerly

Hayling Island and the surrounding Chichester Harbour can be paddled downwind in a northerly but it requires some very specific conditions and timing. Let’s start by talking about the hazards on this run.     First and foremost you’re heading out to sea in a northerly.   Secondly you are probably going to encounter some outbound tide due […]