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Portsmouth is a great destination for the water, but we're so much better for windsurfing lessons

Surfs SUP Watersports run the best windsurfing lessons around Portsmouth for all levels of sailor.

With a long maritime history, Portsmouth is known for many many famous naval successes, but it’s not so well known for windsurfing, and this is where we can help. Our windsurfing lessons run in Chichester Harbour and Bracklesham Bay, which is just a short car or train ride from Portsmouth.

Windsurfing in Portsmouth

google map showing watersports centres in portsmouth

Where can you windsurf around portsmouth

There are a few watersports centres in Portsmouth all of whom  offer basic group sessions, but do bear in mind that they’re often run by seasonal staff who don’t specialise or have as much experience as our small dedicated team.

Portsmouth, being a harbour is more geared towards sailing and boats so it’s not that well known for windsurfing mainly because it is such a busy waterway and tidal.

Quite a few people windsurf at Hill Head, with many wing foilers who also sail there. In my experience, this is an ok place to sail , but the water gets really choppy as you’re right in the middle of the solent and a lot of water is moving. You also don’t find waves here.

Why should you come to bracklesham bay or chichester harbour for lessons

Windsurfing in the Portsmouth area is quite limited due to boat traffic and tides, so it makes a lot of sense to come over to see us as we have so much more available for beginner to advanced sailing.

You will find more options such as bigger sailing areas, less boat traffic and all round more options at most tide states alongside the highly skilled instructors.

Places like Hill Head can get really choppy compared to our selective sailing spots in Chichester Harbour for beginners and then our amazong home beach in Bracklesham Bay for more advanced sailors.

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so why join us for lessons

Windsurfing is my own life long passion and something I am pretty good at, so I love having the oppotunity to share this with others.

Surfs SUP Watersports, is based in Bracklesham Bay which is just 30 minutes from Portsmouth by car or train so it is easy to access our facilities and exceptional instruction.

We’re able to run session using our own school kit, but are equally happy to help you setup your own kit and use that for your session. This will allow you to practive with your own gear and tune it at the same time.

Our beginner windsurfing lessons run at Prinsted, which is in Chichester Harbour. Ths gives up the perfect location being wind and water state so we can really focus our efforts over the few hours you’re with us.

where do we run our windsurfing lessons

portsmouth to Bracklesham

Offering great summer conditions in Bracklesham Bay for all levels of windsurfing, but autumn and winter is when it really fires.

Just 16 miles from Portsmouth, you’ll some amazing conditions and coaching.

portsmouth to Prinsted

We love Prinsted as it offers the perfect conditions for beginners at high tide.

About 20 minutes from Portsmouth, this is out preferred beginner spot for teaching windsurfing lessons.

portsmouth to chichester marina

Much like Prinsted, the Marina offers up some great sailing in flat water, even when it is windy.

You’re just 30 minutes from Chichester Marina.

Windsurfing lessons near Portsmouth

We’re passionate about windsurfing and love to share our 30+ years of experience with everyone we coach.

beginner windsurfing lessons chichester harbour with surfs sup watersports

Windsurfing Lessons just 30 minutes from Portsmouth

Service Overview:

If you’re looking for windsurfing lessons near Portsmouth, you really need to check out our windsurfing sessions.  We cater for all levels of sailing ability, from beginner to advanced sailor, whilst offering varying degress of conditions to suit.

What to Expect:

  • Expert windsurfing coaching
  • All levels of instruction from beginner to advanced
  • The perfect venues for the very best instruction

For more details and to book, visit Surfs SUP Windsurfing Lessons at Portsmouth.