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London has a few windsurfing centres but do they offer what we do

If you live within the M25, or surrounding areas, then you probably have to drive to get to your nearest windsurfing centre, either with your own or some rental kit.

What's it like to windsurf around london

London has a few watersports centres

When you think windsurfing, you don’t think London, but there’s a few centres available to you if you can’t get down to the coast.

Lakes and reservoirs are the usual option, all within the M25 and some just on the outskirts, often providing rental kit and facilities like a clubhouse.

Some of the clubs include: Docklands Sailing and Watesports Centre, Wimbledon Park Watersports and Outdoor Centre, WHSC – Welsh Harp Sailing & Windsurfing Club, East London Windsurfing School,  King George Sailing Club, AquaSports, Queen Mary Sailing Club to name a few.

I’d imagine that living the London life has its pros, but for me a big drawback, must be the limited sailing options and conditions, especially for the more advanced windsurfers..

What's it like to sail in london compared to bracklesham or chichester harbour

I don’t live in London anymore, but can tell you with authority that it’s not possible to do a general comparison as the options are are different.

In London, you will only find the ability to use bigger slalom style kit for advanced sailors or the general beginner kit for others.

The winds at inland sailor centres is often less and more gusty as it blows over land, whilst the condition we get on the coast in West Sussex are way more favourable.

Our own windsurfing school down here in Bracklesham, gets some amazing conditions for both beginner windsurfing lessons and advanced wave sailors.


What can we offer

Windsurfing at Bracklesham and in Chichester Harbour offers some amazing conditions and our lessons take advantage of them all.

We’re about 1hr 30 from the bottom of the M25, which isn’t that far when you consider the conditions you’ll get on a good day.

The different spots we have available, means we can do something in most conditions for beginner to advanced sailor.

When you’re starting out, we look at spots in Chichester Harbour which can offer flat water and lighter winds, whilst our more advanced sailors will be looking at somewhere like Bracklesham Bay.

where do we run our windsurfing lessons

London to Bracklesham

Bracklesham Bay is our open water spot for intermediate to advanced windsurf coaching.

It’s just 1 hr 30 minutes from jct 8 M25

London to Prinsted

Prinsted in Chichester Harbour is a great spot for windsurfing lessons at high tide, catching different wind directions.

It’s just 1hr 20 minutes from jct 8 M25.

Windsurfing lessons for all levels

When you join us for windsurfing lessons, you’re going to come away with new skills some valuable experience to help you carry on your windsurfing journey.

beginner windsurfing lessons chichester harbour with surfs sup watersports

100% Fun - see what people think

Windsurfing Lessons near London with Surfs SUP

Service Overview:

Learn windsurfing with Surfs SUP near London, renowned for its excellent windsurfing conditions. Our lessons cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, providing personalized instruction and a safe learning environment.

What to Expect:

  • Professional windsurfing instruction
  • Suitable for all levels: beginner to advanced
  • Prime locations for optimal windsurfing conditions

For more details and to book, visit Surfs SUP Watersports Windsurfing Lessons near London.