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Hayling Island has a long history of windsurfing so why not get lessons with us

For as long as I can remember, Hayling was synonymous with windsurfing, but since we moved to Bracklesham, we’ve enjoyed so many great days, both at home and at Hayling Island.

What's Hayling like for windsurfing

A map showing windsurfing spots, wing foiling and paddle board spots on Hayling Island that is really near to Surfs SUP Watersports, if you're looking for professional lessons.

Where exactly can you windsurf at Hayling Island

Hayling has a big community of windsurfers, many of whom have been going there for years.

As with all local coastal spots, it’s tidal so you need to plan a session there and make sure you’re going to find water.

Esso Beach is a small launch spot on the right, just behind the petrol garage as you first drive onto the island.  You have a short window of water there as it dries out quickly and there’s a very nasty rocky bar that eats fins if you get it wrong. To be honest, it’s not the best beach to sail.

The Inn on the Beach pub, right on the main beach front faces out to the Isle of Wight and is your best bet for waves, blasting and open water.  There’s a big sand bar that helps kill the chop and give great blasting conditions. This is probably the best spot on the island as it offers clean wind and waves which can get pretty big.

How does Hayling compare to bracklesham and chichester harbour

Hayling Island provide a wide range of windsurfing conditions both in Langstone Harbour and out in open water.

You get flatish water and waves so it’s a nice mix for different levels of sailing.

Compare that to our lesson venues including Bracklesham, Prinsted and Chichester Marina and you’ll find we have a wide range of conditions and a fair tidal window to run the sessions.

Bracklesham offers more advanced sailing sessions for waves or learning harness and footstrap type conditions. Chichester Harbour offers flatter water and Prinsted is perfect for total beginners.

windsurfing at bracklesham bay

so why join us for lessons

Windsurfing is my passion for well over 40 years. It has taken me around the world, so it was obvious when I setup Surfs SUP Watersports that it would be a big part of our lesson offerings.

As we’re just 20 minutes from Hayling,  it’s a no brainer for our clients who leave us such amazing review on Google and Trip Advisor.

We have access to many venues, so can always find the perfect spot to run the windsurfing lesson for your level of sailing.

Our beginner windsurfing lessons take place in Chichester Harbour down at the Marina or over in Prinsted. Both venues give us superb conditions depending on the tide.

As our sailors improve we move onto open water, maybe at Bracklesham, Pagham or even Hayling beach front.   You’ll be enjoying choppier waters and even waves, depending on where you’re at with your own windsurfing skills.

where do we run our windsurfing lessons

Hayling Island to Bracklesham

Bracklesham Bay is our home venue for decent waves in the winter, but we also have superb sessions for advancing sailors.

It’s just 25 minutes from Hayling Island.

Hayling Island to Prinsted

Prinsted is a tiny little spot that is perfect for beginner windsurfing lessons. Safe and easy to sail here all year round.

It’s just 10 minutes from Hayling Island.

Hayling Island to Itchenor

Chichester Marina is a big open space of water well within the harbour offering clean winds and flat water for beginners.

It’s just 21 minutes from Hayling Island.

Windsurfing lessons for beginner to advanced

When you come windsurfing with us, you’re guaranteed the very best training, with our proven methods and 30+ yrs of experience in coaching.

beginner windsurfing lessons chichester harbour with surfs sup watersports

100% Fun - see what people think

LlazyLlama • Sept 2023
Amy and Ian were fantastic! We were a group of family and friends of all ages (10+) who thoroughly enjoyed the paddle boarding experience. Some of the group were beginners,  – READ MORE OR ADD A TRIP ADVISOR REVIEW

Great friends and family paddle boarding experience in Chichester Canal!

Neerav Shah • 6 months ago

Amy and Ian were super and fun instructors making it even more enjoyable. Within a few mins even the beginners were pros and were off for a couple of hours of gliding on the Canal. Highly – READ MORE OR ADD A GOOGLE REVIEW