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Why not join us for a Windsurfing Course in Chichester or Bracklesham

Surfs SUP Watersports are offering Windsurfing Courses that help you to fast-track your learning curve and get quick results on the water.

If you really want to move forward with your windsurfing then our courses are just for you. They’re made up of 4 private lessons so you’re never waiting for other to catch up or even being able to attend the lessons.

When you commit to a 4 week course, you get to really focus you’re learning and efforts, giving you the maximum sailing time, whilst leading you onto the Pathways that are laid out for you to lead into.


learn about our beginner 4 session windsurfing course

Signing up for a windsurfing course is the best way to start off on a massive watersports adventure and set the right foundations in place.

Our Beginner Course is a step by step guide, that will see you go from learning to uphaul, sail, turn and gain control of your sailing.

Breaking the windsurfing course into 4 sessions means you’ll be fresh each time you step on the water and this definitely speeds up your learning pace. All you have to be is flexible with dates so we can get the best conditions and tide.

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L1 - Details

the beginners course outline

Our unique coacing process takes you on a journey of progression that will set you up with logical movements that take you effectively through the various stages of windsurfing at a beginner level.

Windsurfing lessons in Chichester Harbour, Bracklesham, West Wittering

Session 1

  • Looking at the kit and setup.
  • Reading the wind and local conditions.
  • Carrying kit and handling it on land.
  • A basic on land demo and tryout of uphaul, secure position, sailing position and turning.
  • On water demo then practical of uphaul, secure position, sailing position and turning.

session 2

  • Recap on Safety / Environment and Weather.
  • Rigging up and kit prep.
  • Straight onto the water and a warm up.
  • Drills for stance and sailing position.
  • Sailing into a basic tack.
  • Sailing into a gybe.

Session 3

  • Tuning your rig control and light wind handling.
  • Increasing power in light to medium winds.
  • Board trim.
  • Using opposition and power positions.
  • Fluid transitions.
  • Time to practice with the BBTalkin intercoms allowing us to keep talking.

session 4

  • Faster tacking.
  • Improved gybing.
  • Board trim and stance will become more dynamic.
  • Rig handling will become more natural in feel.
  • Allround improved awareness of sailing positions.

These are just rough outlines and will be adapted depending on the sailors skillset and progression.

Let's go

learning to do a basic fast tack on a beginner windsurfing lesson
nearly a win

Where Our windsurfing Courses Run?

To the very best from our time together, we goto Prinsted or into Chichester Harbour, which is only 2 hours from London and just 20 minutes from Hayling Island.

As a beginner or intermediate windsurfer, you do much better when the conditions aren’t too difficult and we have clean wind, but if your reaching more advanced levels, it may be we try out on open water to put skills to the test.



Our Intermediate session will teach you how to increase control and power in light to medium winds using board trim, rig feathering and body movements.


Carve gybe, slam gybe, flare gybe and  duck gybe can all be sailed in lighter winds off the plane so we’ll teach you the fundamentals of these cool moves.


Being able to beach start will improve your sailing through rig control and the conditions you can launch in. Being faster than uphauling, the beachstart will lead onto waterstarting.


Learning to waterstart is the key to sailing in planing conditions and on shorter boards.   Once you crack this move you’ve opened the gate to wave sailing as well.


Being able to sail for longer and in stronger winds will be possible once you get harness control. It’s also a key factor in light wind planing.


Once the board starts planing you need to get into the footstraps which will give you way more control over the board.  From here we can look to carve gybing.


Windsurfing Courses at Surfs SUP Watersports

Service Overview:

Surfs SUP offers comprehensive windsurfing courses for all skill levels in superb locations. Our RYA-qualified instructors provide expert guidance to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

What to Expect:

  • Courses for beginners to advanced windsurfers
  • Focus on technique, safety, and personal development
  • Beautiful locations with optimal windsurfing conditions

For more details and to book, visit Surfs SUP Windsurfing Courses.

OR CALL 07521 297280