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We offer a range of  watersports lessons including stand up paddle board lessons and are about 20  minutes from Hayling Island.

What is Hayling like?

A map showing windsurfing spots, wing foiling and paddle board spots on Hayling Island that is really near to Surfs SUP Watersports, if you're looking for professional lessons.

Where can you paddle board on hayling island

Hayling Island itself has a lot to offer for stand up paddle boarders, but the only thing to consider is the fact it is all tidal and affected by wind.

On Hayling Island, you have the Esso Beach, right next to the Oyster Beds, but this is massively tidal and the water is a mess so we wouldn’t recommend paddling there. A very muddy and sharp stoney bottom, plus don’t go near the bridges as there’s loads of dangers under the water there.

You have the beach front down by Inn on the Beach, which is a super spot, but be careful of the tides here and stay well clear of the really strong currents by the Ferry Boat entrance. It’s really really strong here and turbulent. Also bear in mind this is the Solent so do not head out too far as you’re mixing with a lot of boats.

You’ve also got some spots round at Sandy Point, but again it is tidal, very strong and is part of the Hayling Sailing Club which I think is members only.

What is hayling Island like for paddle boarding

Hayling Island is a great place for paddle boarding, but tbh often lends itself to more experienced paddlers and people who have a good awareness of tidal waters.

We’ve done the Round the Island Paddleboard race and have written articles about our experiences of Downwind paddle boarding on Hayling Island

wellbeing and work day out paddle board lessons in chichester

why would you join us over hayling island

Surfs SUP Watersports has been running watersports lessons for over 10 years in Chichester and Bracklesham, which is just 25 minutes from Hayling Island.

We’ve got multiple venues to choose from depending on the conditions on the day, so we make sure you get the best experience based on your level.

When we paddle we don’t have to worry about conditions so our Beginner Paddle board lessons near Hayling Island are perfect as is Chichester Canal, where we run regular lessons all year round.

Our Intro Group Lessons are run on Chichester Canal which is just 15 minutes from Hayling Island and it really is the ultimate venue for everything from total beginner paddle boarders to our popular Hen parties and Team Building Days.

How to find us from hayling

Hayling Island to Bracklesham

Bracklesham Beach Front is perfect when you’re looking to learn to paddle in open water or catch some waves.

It’s just 25 minutes from Hayling Island.

Hayling Island to Chichester Canal

Chichester Canal is our preferred location for Hen parties, beginners and when the sea is too rough to paddle.

It’s just 14 minutes from Hayling Island.

Hayling Island to Itchenor

Itchenor, Chichester Harbour is a stunning lcoation to launch for paddle board tours or beginner groups.

It’s just 23 minutes from Hayling Island.

paddle board lessons suitable for beginner to advanced

When you book a Paddle board lessons near Hayling Island with Surfs SUP Watersports, we 100% Guarantee you’re going to have fun and learn.

wellbeing and work day out paddle board lessons in chichester
group paddle board lessons on chichester canal

100% Fun - see what people think

LlazyLlama • Sept 2023
Amy and Ian were fantastic! We were a group of family and friends of all ages (10+) who thoroughly enjoyed the paddle boarding experience. Some of the group were beginners,  – READ MORE OR ADD A TRIP ADVISOR REVIEW

Great friends and family paddle boarding experience in Chichester Canal!

Neerav Shah • 6 months ago

Amy and Ian were super and fun instructors making it even more enjoyable. Within a few mins even the beginners were pros and were off for a couple of hours of gliding on the Canal. Highly – READ MORE OR ADD A GOOGLE REVIEW