2022 is going to see Kitesurfing lessons being added to our list of courses.

What Kitesurfing lessons do we offer

We’ve put together a selection of kitesurfing lessons that cover everything from first timers to advancing kiters.

This 2 hour land based session is an optional session, but well worth taking on, if you’re serious about learning to sail windsurfers or wingfoiling.

For many of you, the idea of a lesson is to get straight out there and cracking on, but this can leave huge gaps in your understanding, so we’ve devised this session to help tie things together.

The session is NOT a requirement for our wind related water sports sessions, but it will give you a greater understanding of the environment and fundamentals, including:

  • Wind strengths
  • Water state
  • Reading weather maps
  • Assessing conditions (risk)
  • The environment

* This course can be bolted onto the beginning of your main lesson.


2 hours


£60.00 per person

If you want to enjoy some family time, then check out our family group windsurfing lessons.

The Family Group booking allows 2 adults and 2 kids to enjoy a lesson together.   The minimum age for a child is 13.

The windsurfing lesson is closed to just your family group.   If a family member wants to paddleboard instead of windsurf, then we can also accommodate them.

Please note, this is a taster session primarily, and we run through some basic drills on the beach before hitting the water.

If the family members can already windsurf, we can speed up the session and aim for a more advanced session.


2 hours


£220.00 for 2 adults and 2 children (no discounts available)

The Group booking allows up to 4 people to join us on these windsurfing lessons.

These sessions are split into Beginner and Improver lessons, with time to then practice what you have learned.

We can also provide homework and drills for those who want to progress further.

The windsurfing lesson is open to anyone, be it a group of friends or random attendees. 

Please note, this is a taster session primarily, and we run through some basic drills on the beach before hitting the water.


2 hours

Min-max group size

2-4 people (less than the min will see the windsurfing lesson cancelled, or you can opt for a private session)


£60.00 per person

How do our kitesurfing lessons work

How lessons run

Our aim is to get you up and windsurfing quickly, as water time is where you really experience Windsurfing, so we have a quickstart process for our lessons:

Meet and greet at start time (we start on time, so please arrive early)

  1. Gather with all kit on the water’s edge.
  2. Quick safety briefing from the instructor.
  3. On water  / land demo. Each person engages in this process as doing is better than seeing.
  4. All onto the water.

This whole process should take no more than 30 minutes, giving us a windsurfing time of around an hour and a half.

What to bring
  • A towel and some warm clothing, even in the summer, is recommended.
  • Asthma spray or epi-pen if you use them. Please read the rules regards this.
  • Light food and drink for after the session.
  • Jelly shoes or watersports shoes.
  • Wetsuit if you have one.
Kit supplied
  • All equipment and tuition are included, but it is preferable if you have a wetsuit of your own and booties. Buoyancy aids are supplied, unless you have your own.
  • Wetsuits must be prebooked.
  • Arrive 20 minutes before your time slot.
  • Upon arrival, we need you to complete a registration form, get kitted out, after which time we will deliver a safety briefing.
  • Please do not bring any valuable items.
  • You must manage any meds and make us aware pre-joining the session.
  • Sessions can be weather dependent and may be rescheduled if conditions are not suitable, especially open water and surf.
  • Your session starts at the agreed lesson time advertised and cannot be offset or delayed on the day.

Is Kitesurfing for you?

Windsurfing lessons are a great way to start  learning, super fun and relaxing.   It is a sport you’ll never stop enjoying as you keep on learning.

We use Starboard school boards for all of our sessions as they give you the chance to work on technique, without having to focus so much on balance, so it really helps to speed up the learning curve.

We use the RYA coaching methods with our own special ingredient that really leapfrogs our students into freesailing and preparing to move into more advanced sailing

Windsurfing lessons in Hayling Island CALL - 07521 297280