Jimmy Lewis SUP Boards is a name synonymous with surfing and windsurfing before kiteboarding and sup came on the scene.

Then came SUP or stand up paddleboarding.   Jimmys Lewis SUP boards designs are unique, proven and made to last.

Forward by Jimmy Lewis SUP boards

Jimmy Lewis SUP BoardsSo WHO is designing and shaping these Jimmy Lewis SUP Boards?  And how are they built?  Most people, especially the end buyer nowadays, don’t know that this is an important thing to know.   Most of the stand up boards on the market today, even a few of the “big” brands, are using what I call a “ regular surfboard lamination” construction.

That consists of a shaped piece of Styrofoam with a shell of epoxy and a few layers of fiberglass.  Some are putting a thin veneer of bamboo or some other type of wood, claiming that this is a “sandwich” and that it’s BETTER than a PVC sandwich.   This is crazy.  The bamboo or whatever wood they might be using is a LITTLE bit better than another layer of fiberglass but it will dent after a short period of time on the water just as a board that’s built with only the layers of fiberglass.

Some people have no idea what sandwich construction is.  Let me explain:

Sandwich construction is where you have two or more pieces of fiberglass on each side of a thin piece of  foam material, usually 1/8” or ¼” PVC high density foam.   This is vacuumed onto the Styrofoam blank on the top and the bottom of the board creating the “sandwich” construction.    The thicker the piece of material that’s between the layers of glass (the glass being the “bread” of the sandwich and the PVC or other material being the “cheese” of the sandwich.) the stronger and stiffer the board will be.

Boards with only 2-3 layers of glass do not have much impact strength and they dent easily, especially over a period of time.   Having a thin piece of bamboo between two layers of glass is NOT much of a sandwich because the bamboo is not thick enough to create the proper engineering of the sandwich principal.   PVC Sandwich is the lightest, strongest construction available.   And it’s a little more expensive to do because the PVC high density foam used to create a proper sandwich construction is expensive. All Jimmy Lewis SUP boards are sandwich construction.

Quality of product:

Jimmy Lewis SUP Boards are super quality, regardless if it’s a sandwich construction or regular surfboard lamination construction, is important.   One of my deckpad suppliers who is in China, has told me that  because of the stand up craze,  ALL of the major board manufacturers in China are having a BOOM in business.   This is because there are so many people coming out of the wood work to get these boards made so they can cash in on this new market.   She told me that now the factories are super busy but don’t have enough workers to produce so they try to entice workers from OTHER factories to come and work with them.   So at this time in China, the workers are moving around a lot, from factory to factory looking for better pay.  What this means is that the quality is not consistent.

Most people are not aware of this but all of the boards on the market are all hand made and that includes Jimmy Lewis SUP Boards.   Some may have molds to keep the board shapes the same but most everything else, including the shaping, is done by hand.  They don’t just mix up a few chemicals and pour them into a mold and a finished board pops out.   Making surfboards (stand up boards) takes skill.   Even though all of these boards are made in large quantities, they are all individually built by hand.   And those hands need to be skilled and the quality control people in the factories have to be skilled at overseeing the construction.   When there is a gypsy work force, this quality and consistency takes a back seat to quantity!!   And that’s all these companies care about.

Jimmy Lewis SUP Boards construction

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