Buy an inflatable paddleboard in Chichester

I am looking to buy an inflatable paddle board in Chichester

If you’re in Chichester then we’ve got a demo fleet so you can try before you  buy a inflatable stand up paddleboard

We’ve listened to our customers to make sure our inflatable stand up paddle boards deliver exactly what’s needed.

Chichester is just 15 minutes from the beaches at Bracklesham or East and West Wittering as well some great paddle spots at Bosham, Itchenor, Emsworth and Dell Quay.

You’re probably looking for a 10’6 to 12’6 ft inflatable paddleboard that will give you better distance paddling capabilities to enjoy the harbour and adventure side of SUP.  Many people go for really wide SUPs to started with but get frustrated very quickly as they realise it’s holding them back so don’t be afraid of being a bit bolder and going a bit narrower. You’ll soon improve and wish you had.

Beginner or family >>
We provide packages for beginner stand up paddleboards

Tearing up the waves >>
Have you got the bug and want a real surf sup board.

Racing or downwind paddling >>
Both hard and inflatable sup race boards are popular.

Paddle upgrades >>
Upgrading the sup paddle is the best investment you’ll make.

Why not look to challenge yourself with something a bit quicker:

Board – Paddle – Leash – Fin – Carry bag

Get a board to use on adventure paddles so you can go farther, faster.

I want to buy a inflatable stand up paddle board in chichester



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Being able to roll the board up and put it in the boot of the car is something many of our customers look for as well as the storage at home, but are you compromising by choosing an inflatable paddle board.

Like any sport, there are always compromises and that’s certainly true with SUP kit.   Some stand up paddle board packages come with really cheap paddle with blades that flop as you catch the water whilst other boards cannot hold their shape when you stand on them so you end up standing on a bendy board.

The inflatable market is totally swamped so you need to make sure you can try before you buy and that’s why our Paddle Board Test Centre in Chichester is great as you can assure yourself that the board is right for you before committing,.

What spec are our inflatable sups?

  • Double, Single and Multi layer PVC
  • 16+ psi
  • Amazing graphics
  • 1 year warranty
  • Great value
  • Glass fibre and pvc paddle
  • High quality travel bag
  • Repair kit
  • PVC fins


We’ve put loads of thought about what we wanted from an inflatable sup and compared it to how people felt when using our premium Jimmy Lewis sups.  That’s a hard act to follow but we didn’t want to let you down and the experience you need to feel satisfied with your new inflatable paddle board.




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Chichester has 2 main places to go and enjoy a paddle.   You’ve got the canal at the basin or down by Hunston.  A great place to enjoy or train if you’re more serious with racing.  Don’t forget your day ticket or season pass as the guys ado a great job of looking after the canal.

Then you have the Chichester harbour itself which offers so many options.  The main thing here is having enough water and whilst it doesn’t totally empty out, it might leave you stuck on a super low spring.




Have you thought about getting some paddleboard lessons in Chichester?

First of all we’re brilliant 🙂   (that’s enough I think but let’s give a bit more insight)

We’ve got great learner kit
We’re super friendly
We’ve got loads of experience in training people
We’ve got great venues and options
We can teach total beginners to intro to surf and downwinding.